At Coating & Lining Solutions, we answer to the industry’s call for One Stop Protective Coatings Application Solutions - PROTECTING THE ASSETS, be they Steel OR Concrete. We provide comprehensive solutions to your problems of Ambient or Chemical Corrosion – and Seepage / Leakage of Critical Structures.

Through our Qualified and Experienced team and in-house coating infrastructure, we provide application services for High Performance Coating Solutions i.e. Polyurea , Polyurethane , Glass Flake coatings , etc., using solutions technology form the Global Leaders in the field.

The 100% solids Polyurea / Polyurethane technology is regarded as one coatings solution that stacks up well against the stringent parameters of environmental and safety compliance such as volatile organic compound (VOC) content, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly high performance. It is also becoming the fastest growing technology of choice for a number of end user industries.

While these coating have proven their worth and are widely accepted solutions for atmospheric and water caused corrosion, the Glass Reinforced Polymer coatings stand up very well against chemical media induced corrosion and abrasion, wear & tear etc. Understanding, that the industry needs could be single or a combination of the factors, we offer complete application services for the High Performance Coatings, viz. for Polyurea , Polyurethane , Glass Flake , etc. based coatings .

We are conscious of the need to be compliant with the environmental and safety requirements, as well as to be cost effective to the user and have designed our systems around these basics.


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